JP2 with World Leaders

JP2 with World Leaders, Dignitaries & Religious Leaders

Pope John Paul 2 meeting the members of Royal Families

Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip

Prince Charles & Princess Diana

King Juan Carlos of Spain (center) and Queen Sofia

King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway

King Albert II and Queen Paola of Belgium

Swedish Royal Family

Princess Elena (Romania & Hohenzollern)

Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria (Oct. 4, 2002)

Prince Felipe & Princess Letizia of Asturias (Spain)

Emperor Akihito & Empress Michiko of Japan

Empress Zita of Italy (1984)

Pope John Paul 2 meeting World Leaders

President Bashar Assad (Syria, May 8, 2001)

Yasser Arafat, Chairman of thePalestine Liberation Organization (PLO)

South african President Nelson Mandela

President Jimmy Carter (USA)

President Ronald Reagan (USA)

 President Bill Clinton (USA)

 President George W. Bush (USA)

President Ferdinand Marcos & Imelda Marcos (Philippines)

President Corazon Aquino (Philippines)

 President Fidel V. Ramos (Philippines)

President Gloria Arroyo (Philippines)

 Austrian President Kurt Waldheim and his wife Elizabeth (June 27, 1988)

 Then Superior General Juan Lasso (1992)

President H. M. Ershad (Bangladesh)

President Etienne Eyadema -Togo, africa, 1985

Augusto Pinochet - Chile

President Joao Figueirdo (Brazil, 1980)

President Vladimir Putin, November 5,  2003

President Mikhail Gorbachev of the Soviet Union, 1989

President Massimo D' Alema (Italy)

President Belisario Betancour (Colombia , July 2 1986)

President Fidel Castro (Cuba, Jan. 21, 1998)

President Hosni Mubarak (Egypt, Feb 24, 2000)

Czech President Vaclav Havel 

 France former Prime minister, Edouard Balladur

President Jacques Chirac and his wife, Bernadette (France)

German Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl. (June 23, 1996)

President Weizsacker (West Germany)

 Prime Minister Tony Blair (G. Bretain)

President Carlos Roberto ( Honduras,  feb 19 2000)

Prime Minister Ayad Allawi and his wife, Thana ( Iraq)

President Mohammad Khatami (Iran, March 11, 1999)

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (G. Bretain)

Silvio Berlusconi (Italy, January 2002)

President Vicente Fox (Mexico July 30, 2002)

 Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Foreign Minister Gohar Ayub (Pakistan, 1998)

President Zia-ul-haq (Pakistan, 1981)

President Alexander Kwasniewski with his wife Jolanta ( Poland)

portugal portugese first lady maria jose ritta

 President Jean Claude Duvalier and his wife Michèle Bennett Pasquet (Haiti)

Mir-Hossein Mousavi, Prime Minister of Iran

President Bashar Al-Assad (Damascus, 2001)

Prime Minister Romano Prodi of Italy & Family

Lech Walesa (Poland Solidarity Leader, 1981)

President Mobutu Sese Seko (Zaire, 8-14-1985)

President Fahri Koruturk (Turkey)

Ambassador of Slovenia Ludvik Toplak, September 2002.

Pope John Paul II meeting other Religious Leaders

 Sister Lucia of Fatima

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

 JP2 with other personalities

 Sean Connery with his Wife

Clint Eastwood

Bob Dylan  (Bologna Settembre 27, 1997)

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